UPDATE (100,000+ views later): User generated videos of ‘the media frenzy’ we created at SXSW can be found here “iStrategyLabs Loves Making Viral Videos



Perhaps you were there, or maybe you heard that Marty the GEICO caveman came to SXSW looking for that special someone…

Maybe you got one of these invites to the iHeartCavemen.com launch party:

If you were there, you would have seen Marty the caveman crash the Facebook party and steal the girls form the line at the door:

Marty Crashes Facebook Party @ SXSW

He then told iJustine that he loves ‘chocolate and young ladies’:

iJustine Asked Marty the Cavemen about his favorite Snack

Next, he got pissed at Chris Heuer for saying all cavemen look the same:

Chris Heuer Offends Marty the Cavemen @ SXSW 

Then get got hit on by a whole lot of very beautiful and talented tech girls:

Marty the Caveman is Viciously Molested @ SXSW

Marty Loves Tech Girls @ SXSW

Marty Luvs Caroline McCarty & Rana Sobhany @ SXSW

Marty the Caveman Gets Crushed by Hot Girls @ SXSW

Somewhere along that way, he found wingmen in Robert Scoble and Pete Cashmore:

Marty the Caveman Calls Scoble and Cashmore “Big Tamales”

Robert Scoble Loves Cavemen

And at the end of the night he met a special girl – iJustine – and left us all wondering what kind of match they would make:

iJustine Gets Hit on by Marty the Caveman @ SXSW

Wondering what you’d look like as a caveman? Or what your cavebaby might look like?

Checkout www.iheartcavemen.com and find out.

Any questions regarding this experience or the site, please contact Peter Corbett.

What did you think about Marty and the experience?