Robert Scoble was in DC recently to meet with lawmakers to discover how technology is changing the way politics works. We decided to do some investigating ourselves at a party sponsored by CapitolValleyScobleizerWineLibraryTVSomeWhatFrankSocialTimesOdeoFreshbooks, and iStrategyLabs.

The resulting video contains only a fraction of the incredible insights we gathered from more than 30 thought leaders on this topic.

In this video:Your Host: Peter Corbett, iStrategyLabs
Interviewee 1: Andrew Feinberg,
Interviewee 2: Julie Germany, Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet
Interviewee 3: Alan Rosenblatt, Center for American Progress
Interviewee 4: Sarah Marchetti, OgilvyPR
Interviewee 5: Saul Colt, FreshBooks
Interviewee 6: Jonny Goldstein, Jonny’s Partay
Interviewee 7: Nick O’Neill,
Interviewee 8: Frank Gruber, AOL/
Interviewee 9: Colin Delany,
Interviewee 10: Robert Scoble,