Roughly 8 months ago facebook released their social ads platform and included a real-time audience segmentation tool that allowed you to see the universe size of the demographic/geographic/interests selection you’re targeting.At that time, I wrote a post called “Facebook Demographics Directly from Their System” showing some of the exact demographic breakouts provided by Facebook’s own user database and it turned out to be the most popular piece of research posted on iStrategyLabs. Judging by the thousands of hits, you all are thirsty for this kind of information, so here’s the update with a couple insights you might find compelling:


Insight #1: Facebook experienced 32% growth in US users in 10 months.

Insight #2: Facebook is experiencing explosive growth in the 25-34, 35-54 and 55+ age groups. The 35-54 year old segment grew 172.9% in 10 months – the other two mentioned are growing at a rate of 97%+.

Insight #3: Major metropolitan areas are beating Facebook’s average user growth rate, and Houston is growing the fastest at a 170.3% clip.

Download Facebook Demographics 2008 as an Excel spreadsheet

What other insight would you like to know about the users of facebook?