UPDATE: So twitter cleaned out it’s spam users during this expieriment and lopped off about 300 of my followers. Instead of not donating as described below, iStrategyLabs has opted to donate the full amount of $2,500 – half to www.strength.org and half to www.greaterdccares.org

No time to read the full post? Just follow @corbett3000 and @mvolpe on Twitter and we’ll donate $.50 for each new follower! Giving has never been so much fun 🙂 

The HubSpot team continues to impress me with their innovative thinking and smart products like Twitter GraderWebsite Grader and more. These guys were kind enough to ask me to speak on the topic of “How to Create Viral Videos that Spread Like Wildfire” at the Inbound Marketing Summit a few months back, and today I’m jumping in on a really timely, fun way of raising money for non-profits.

Mike Volpe, the VP of Marketing of Hubspot has created a “Twitter Charity Challenege” where he’ll be donating $.50 for every new follower he gets between now and December 31st. He’s capped his donation at $2,500 (5000 new followers) and I’m matching that!

iStrategyLabs will donate $.50 per new follower to my twitter (@corbett3000) and will cap the donation at $2,500. My current follower count is 1325. My donation will be split between two charities I’m deeply involved with and feel passionately about:

picture-7.pngShare Our Strenth is an iStrategyLabs client and is focused on solving childhood hunger in America. Based on their equivalencies two new twitter followers will buy a meal for an undernourished childFeed these children with me with a simple clickTell your friends on twitter to do the same be clicking here and spreading the word about #Twit2Give. 

Greater DC Cares is the leading coordinator of volunteering and business philanthropy in the Washington region. I’m a board member and and hoping we’ll be able to help both these worth causes this season through this little Twitter experiment.

All you have to do is follow @corbett3000 and @mvolpe and your follows will count towards our donations.

It would be really cool to see other people jump in on this meme so I’ll track that here:

@mvolpe = $2,500 max. Starting follower count = 2955. Full donation at 7955 total followers.

@corbett3000 = $2,500 max. Staring follower count = 1325. Ending count = TBD. Full donation at 6325 total followers.

@jessieX = $250 max. More details here.

@pmhesse = $2,500 max. More details here.

Total Possible = $7,750

Actual = TBD based on new followers as of 12/31.

If you jump in, leave a comment on this post or @ me and I’ll add you to the list!