In last month’s report, we showed that in the 6 month period ending July 4th, 2009 that Facebook saw 513% Growth in 55+ Year Old Users. Fast forward a month later, and we can see how Facebook user demographics are changing this summer. The following statistics have been source directly from Facebook Social Ads system and a you can download the excel spreadsheet here.


Key take-aways:

1) The 55+ demographic is still growing fastest at 24.9%

2) Facebook user growth was 8% over the past month in the US

3) A full 40.2% of Facebook users are 35+

4) Washington, DC saw the strongest growth among major metros at a 30.5% – Hola Federales!

The last report highlighted drops in college and high school user enrollment numbers – but upon digging deeper, those figures are misleading. Users counts of those age groups haven’t declined. They’re still increasing. The drop we saw and continue to see in this report are the result of users removing their school affiliations over the summer, and Facebook’s de-emphasis on joining particular networks.