Today, iStrategyLabs and NASDAQ OMX introduced NASDAQ Data Junkies, a social media promotion that leverages NASDAQ’s real-time data products in order to deliver streaming stock quotes using the social media community Twitter. The Data Junkies campaign will allow Twitter users to send direct messages to @DataJunkies to receive quotes, as well as to see real-time stock prices in segmented streams on

The NASDAQ Data Junkies campaign is a compelling example of how real-time financial data can be integrated into a streaming social media community such as Stocktwits. NASDAQ’s @DataJunkie Twitter account provides real-time NASDAQ stock prices directly into relevant StockTwits streams, and users can send “$GOOG $AAPL”-style direct messages to @DataJunkies if they wish to receive real-time stock quotes without leaving Twitter.

In the coming weeks, NASDAQ is planning to offer Data Junkies access to another premier data product – previously not available to the public – and will host StockTwits virtual lunches to provide traders with the inside tips to best utilize these tools.

stocktwits125x125Later this fall, StockTwits will host StockCamp at the NASDAQ MarketSite.  This is a physical gathering of NASDAQ Data Junkies that will allow traders to collaborate and network around trading strategies, tools, resources, and other stock-related topics.

To demonstrate Twitter’s community building capabilities, Data Junkies will also be able to send a tweet  for the opportunity to ring the NASDAQ Closing Bell at NASDAQ MarketSite in New York. tweets will be streamed to the NASDAQ MarketSite tower in Times Square and will be broadcast around the world on CNBC and other networks during the Data Junkie market close.

“We’re excited to see NASDAQ OMX execute such a unique and compelling social media marketing campaign. This team really understands how important it is to add value to communities on the web to build brand evangelists and buzz. As a digital word-of-mouth agency, we felt that this was the best way to spread the word about NASDAQ’s data products while still delivering value to the Stocktwits, and broad financial community,” – Peter Corbett, CEO of iStrategyLabs.