iStrategyLabs is launching a new initiative – techARTS. We’re no longer doing TwinTech, which grew to 2200 RSVPs and was at the time the biggest tech happy hour in the country. Kinda crazy.

techARTS is going let us scratch our creative itch a bit more. It will focus on merging Creative and Technology communities – helping them come together in mass to meet, find collaborators and show off their skills. We’ll start in DC, then maybe bring it to NYC, then who knows…If you push pixels, sling code, trickle paint, create content or belt out beats this is for you. Okay even if you don’t do that stuff – and you’re kinda awesome this is where you want to be. The full RSVP is here, or you can register/sponsor here:


Special Features:

We’ve created some special features for techARTS that we think might be interesting.

TechArts Awards

Getting awards in the tech/creative space can be kinda lame. There are ‘expert’ ‘celebrity’ ‘judges’ that decide who’s in and who’s out.  We think YOU should decide who’s work needs to be seen and known about. Here’s what you can do:

Crowd source the DJ/Performers

Who’s the hottest act in town? Nominate a DJ/band or other performer…please provide a link so we can track them down (submit & vote for performers here).

Longer back-story ramble:

Those of you familiar with iStrategyLabs know that we’ve worked tirelessly over our short 2 year history (and for years before that when I was working for other folks) to bring together the technology community in the greater capital area. I’ve been a passionate leader (among many other passionate leaders) that felt building a more cohesive, connected tribe of technologists would result in innovation, job creation and a more vibrant city to live in.

I think we’ve all done that. I think TwinTech was a big part of it – TechCocktail, RefreshDC, SocialMatchBox, SocialMediaClub, DCMediaMakers, BarCamp, LaunchBox Digital and more are certainly a big part of it.  Now is the time to expand the scope of iStrategyLabs’ community organizing efforts in DC to become more inclusive. So, from now on we’re going to focus on bringing the tech and creative community together.

We believe that a designer + a developer can = a startup. We’re going to use this techARTS Halloween party to see what kind of offspring the geeks and creatives can produce. To throw a great event (and keep it free to attend) we’re going to need sponsors. If you want to co-host this with us, please let me know, but keep in mind that you’re going to need to source at least $1k in sponsorship to join the host committee.