I recently had the honor of speaking at the Gov 2.0 Summit on what my vision for the “Future of Open Cities” would look like. I began with an explanation of what Apps for Democracy is, and ended with a map of how this “Open Application Ecology” could work for cities. Check out the video below – it’s only 5 minutes and I’m talking several hundred miles a minute:

The full presentations can be found here. This is the slide of the ecology:


The conference was simply remarkable – O’Reilly Media did an amazing job. As is typically for me, however, I ended up working in the speaker’s lounge most of the time…and missed nearly all the presentations. When I emerged from my cave, I discovered that Clay ShirkyMacon Phillips (Director of New Media – The White House), and LTG Sorenson (CIO – The Army) had discussed Apps for Democracy in their presentations. Their presentations are here:

Clay Shirky’s “Technology Insight”:

“Kojo Nnamdi One-on-One with Macon Phillips”:

Linton Wells w/ LTG Sorenson and LTG Justice: “Innovation from Within: Apps for Security Program in Armed Forces”

Civic innovation is on the march for sure! If you’re interested in hearing about more of this kind of thing, make sure you sign up for a new organization that’s just getting off the ground – Code for America.