I fully intended to provide a detailed recap of the BIBA experience – but alas, Frank Gruber has done such a good job in this post I don’t really see the point. Below you’ll find the presentations from the conference, along with links to posts and pictures. Our own full videos of each talk will be live shortly.

Photo Set 1 (Courtesy Barry & Heidi Page)
Photo Set 2 (Courtesy Jen Consalvo)
Photo Set 3 (Courtesy Jen Consalvo)
Photo Set 4 (Courtesy Kathleen Smith)
Photo Set 5 (Courtesy Nick Witmoyer)

http://ericaamerica.com/2010/02/03/big-ideas-big-action-capital-ideation/ [Video]

Presentations and Videos

BIBA Presentation: Any Carvin, Sr. Social Media Strategist, NPR

BIBA Presentation: Philippa Hughes

BIBA Presentation: Peter Corbett – “Ideation and Concepting Techniques to Help You Conquer the World”

BIBA Presentation: Mark Drapeau, Director of Innovative Social Engagement, Microsoft

BIBA Presentation: Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO of LivingSocial

BIBA Presentation: Steve Moore, CEO, WDCEP