At iStrategyLabs we’re fascinated with hyper-targeting marketing campaigns using social advertising. These client campaigns have been some of our most successful to date. Our “Facebook Demographics and Statistics Reports” has been written about in articles and covered on the radio/tv hundreds of times around the world. So, in our relentless pursuit for granular information regarding people on the web, and spurred by a conversation with some folks at the Human Rights Campaign we thought it might be interesting to analyze the gay and lesbian population counts on Facebook globally.

Analysis of sexual preferences for Facebook users in the United States


Key insights:

Analysis of sexual preferences for Facebook users in US cities and foreign countries


Key insights:

*Washington DC’s lesbian Facebook user count is so high (128,280) it is questionable

About the data:

All data was collected using Facebook’s Social Ads platform – this data is elective, meaning users volunteer this information and are not required to provide it. A full excel spreadsheet of this information can be downloaded at Scribd:Facebook Gay Statistics 2010