If you scratch the surface of DC, you’ll find an economy teeming with innovation and creativity. One current problem is that most people don’t scratch that surface – they bounce off of K Street, The Hill, or The Pentagon and think this is just a place for government.

Yes…DC is a producer of governance. But it produces so much more. The following report was created by DC’s Office of Planning, and provides detailed information about the incubation spaces across the city. I’m an ‘insider’ in this space and I didn’t even know about some of them.

We’ll keep doing our part to accelerate innovation in DC – but I hope this report give you an idea of what else is happening around town. The report is missing Big Window Labs and 1410 Q St Innovation Hot Spot – are there any other incubators we should know about? Please post in the comments section!

Innovate in DC: The 8 Incubators in DC with 3 More Planned