When the much loved organic beverage company Honest Tea asked us what we could do to bring their Honest Cities experiment to the social web we saw a world of opportunity. Actually…we saw a map…of the good ol’ US-of-A. The details of what is one of the most intricate social experiential campaigns we have been a part of is as follows after the recap videos:

UPDATED – Behind the scenes look at the Honest War Room and Honest Cities recap videos:

1.  Pop-up stores have been setup in 12 cities around the country where passersby could steal an Honest Tea, or put a dollar in a box to pay for one. Locations included: NYC (Foley Square), Boston (Prudential Center), Philadelphia (Love Park), DC (Dupont Circle), Atlanta (Centennial Olympic Park), Miami (CocoWalk), Cincinnati (Fountain Square), Chicago (Grant Park), Dallas (Pegasus Plaza), Seattle (Alki Beach Coastal Surf Boutique), SF (Justin Herman Plaza), and LA (West Hollywood)

2. Each Honest Store has a hidden camera streaming live video to honestcities.com all with dedicated Ustream.TV channels recording all the action.

3. The Honest Tea field team is equipped with a cross-platform mobile app that we built to enable them to record a tally of buys vs. steals at each pop-up, and also mark time-code in the streaming video with ‘interesting’ to make video recapping easier later on.

4. We built out a web and mobile-optimized microsite at honestcities.com to enable visitors to toggle between city video streams, see the real-time HONESTy Tracker measuring all city honesty levels and let them play along by making their own HONESTy choices

5. Web users have their own chance to be HONEST by liking the Honest Tea Facebook Page and grab a coupon, or they can be disHONEST and just take the coupon and run. These actions drive our real-time measurement of the Web HONESTY — whose geo-specific data has been crafted into an Honest API (application programming interface) that will allow Honest Tea and interested developers to mash up the honesty data collected during the campaign.

6. Outside of design and web/application development we’re in the midst of executing a comprehensive social promotion strategy that could very well melt our servers. Stay tuned and visit honestcities.com to grab a coupon while supplies last!