Most of us in the tech industry know there’s a huge issue in America with regard to engineer scarcity, as well as the broad digital divide between the digerati and the under-served.  CodeNow is a DC startup non-profit that aims to solve both problems by teaching disadvantaged kids to code.

This holiday season CodeNow is pushing to raise money to buy kids netbooks so they can teach more students crucial programing skills in DC. iStrategyLabs is a huge fan – we were CodeNow’s first sponsor – and so is the Whitehouse (read here).

Buy a kid a netbook. Contribute anything – even $10. Donate your latte fund. Whatever. IT WILL ACTUALLY MATTER. Watch the videos below and contribute to this great program.  If you do…please comment on this post or email me (peter at istrategylabs dot com) to tell me – I’m going to invite every single donor this season to a super secret VIP happy hour on me just to say thank you. The donation link is