As an agency focused on all things digital, we spend about 150% of every day immersed in the creative web.

Sure, we know that in 2012, Gangnam Style became the most watched YouTube video ever in the history of the universe, and that Honey Boo Boo was widely shared on Facebook (SMH).

But we wanted to go beyond what was just popular with the masses. We’re after quality, not just quantity. So, we cut through the common denominador over here at ISL to share with you our own digital favorites from 2012:

1) Animated GIFs
Enough said. Once relegated to strictly be a legacy of bad ’90s websites, the animated GIF made a huge comeback with us in 2012. Our top sources: Reaction GIFsTumblr.



2) Google Digital Creativity Guidebook
This guide from Google uses all CSS and JavaScript to create the interactivity. Unreal.





3) Coke Zero: “Unlock the 007 in you”


4) Grandstand x Social Machines™: GE Social Fridge

Shameless plug – we’ve hustled hard to build these two core ISL products. This year, Grandstand was a finalist in the SXSW 2012 Accelerator, and was named “a darkhorse with the most buzz” by Mashable.

We combined them to create the GE Social Fridge at SXSW, and we’re excited to expand the creative concepts that will drive these kinds of social-powered campaigns in the future.



5) Burberry: Full Digital Campaigns Lead Fashion Industry

“Burberry has been a leader when it comes to innovations on how to better reach their consumers. It was one of the first brands to embrace social networking through their website and Facebook. It aggressively looked for opportunities to advertise on digital platforms way ahead of other brands. One of the first to live stream its runway show online and to make the clothes immediately available for purchase as soon as they hit the runway. With the fall/winter 2012 campaign, Burberry re-establishes itself as a fashion and technology leader.” – Forbes, 6/4/12


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