Although the Ravens won the Super Bowl, they don’t find themselves at the top of every list.

Now that the NFL season is over, we wanted to find out which teams had the most geosocial fans. To determine this, we looked at Foursquare checkins for every regular season game in relation to their attendance. Below are some of our findings:

Foursquare Checkins per Team 2012 NFL Season

Most Social Team: The Carolina Panthers

Carolina? Foursquare? Who knew! These cats had the highest average checkin ratio with a whopping 2.04%. Carolina is followed by our beloved Redskins (1.54%), the Jets (1.49%), the Falcons (1.48%), and the Giants (1.31%). Super Bowl Champs the Baltimore Ravens find themselves in 15th place with 0.88%.

Most Social Division: NFC South

Although the Falcons had a heartbreaking loss in the post-season, they can hopefully find consolation in knowing that their division is the most geosocial division on gamedays… right? Along with the Panthers, Saints, and Buccs, the NFC South averaged a 1.25% checkin ratio during their home games. In fact, both South and East divisions made up the top half of our rankings, while both North and West divisions found themselves in the bottom half.

Most Social Day of the Week: Thursday

Thursdays held by far the most social games of the season with an average checkin ratio of 1.31%. This was followed by Monday night games at 1.06% and your typical Sunday game at 0.85%. The more special the game, the more social the fans become? After all, not everyone gets the opportunity to kick off the week and play in a featured Thursday night game.

Most Social Time of Day: Early Games

We compared checkin ratios between early games, afternoon games, and night games across all Sundays. Fans tend to be more socially-awake earlier in the day as checkins for the early games (around 1pm) took the cake with a 0.89% checkin ratio. Both afternoon (~4pm) and night games (8:30pm) just about tied with 0.75% and 0.76% respectively.

Most Social Week: Week 7 (with no clear winner)

Although Week 7 won with a 1.15% checkin ratio, it was by no means a landslide, nor were there any strong correlations around its success. Generally speaking, earlier weeks had more checkins than later weeks in the season, with Week 17 finishing in dead last at 0.66%.

Giants vs. Jets: Jets!

For two teams that play in the same stadium (Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ) and pull fans from the same region, the Jets and Giants actually have a different overall checkin ratio at 1.49% and 1.31%. Over the course of the season, the Jets played two featured home games, whereas the Giants only played one, which could lead to this discrepancy in checkin level. That – or perhaps it was all the social complaining about Sanchez.


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Special thanks to @EdieEadae@36horgan, and @iKahn6294 for help pulling and analyzing data.

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