On March 7, iStrategyLabs produced and launched Embassy Suites’ first Vine video:

— Embassy Suites (@EmbassySuites) March 7, 2013

Although Vines are only 6 seconds long, these things don’t just happen with the snap of a finger; it actually takes a lot of time, planning, and resources. Let’s take a look at how we made it happen:

1. The Concept

We knew for our first Vine we wanted to highlight one of Embassy Suites’ three brand pillars: two-room suites, complimentary made-to-order breakfast, and a daily manager’s happy hour. After several rounds of concepting, we decided to focus on the free breakfast, a staple for which their brand is very well known.

Narrowing down our ideas, we had to figure out a way to highlight this brand pillar and the brand itself, all in just 6 seconds. We also knew we wanted to shoot on-site to showcase the actual breakfast that Embassy Suites serves.

2. Practice makes perfect

If you have ever tried to create a Vine before, you KNOW that there is no room for error. There is no editing, no splicing, and certainly no command + z. If on second 5.5 you mess up – tough luck, you’re starting over. So we set up a scene on-site the week prior to the actual filming and launch to practice our composition, lighting, and timing. That helped us to answer a lot of questions, identify specific materials we were going to need, and work out any kinks that would prevent us from getting a perfect final cut.

3. Setting up the scene

Come gameday, we had to be ready. We had the chef make up several colorful, perfect omelets to use – one in filming and others for backup.


We collected plates of breakfast items and began to build our scene mimicking what we decided on in the test round. The plate we used as a base was a custom plate we had made with the Embassy Suites logo, Twitter handle, and hashtag #firstpost.


Et voila! A plate of delicious complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast perfection.


4. Filming the Vine

This was a 3-man operation: one person held the camera (I mean, iPhone), one person pressed the screen to initiate recording, and one person pulled away food after each take and cleaned the plate. With everyone in place, we began creating the Vine, recording for a little less than a second, pulling away food, and repeating until the plate was clear (about 4 or 5 times).



Once the plate was clear, we replaced the first plate with a second plate we designed – identical, except for the addition of a “yum” thought bubble – which closed out the Vine.


Once you start filming, there’s no turning back. I would love to say we got it on the first try. But we didn’t. Luckily we allowed for enough time and resources to retake until it was perfect and ready for posting.

Disclaimer: Free breakfast not included in all instances of Vine video-making.