When we worked with Simply Gifted to build a new online gift card platform, we knew we needed to create an incredibly easy product for small businesses to create and sell online gift cards, and for customers to purchase and send them to friends.

Leveraging existing APIs, we followed our process of IA/UX, design, and development to create a beautiful, intuitive service to buy and sell gift cards, with full analytics and tracking for Simply Gifted to continue to monitor and optimize the platform.

What we produced is quite possibly the easiest way for small businesses to create and sell gift cards — and the best way for customers to find and purchase them on the web. Here’s a quick look at the finished product, and the process of how we produced it, below:




We started by creating wireframes and user flows of the entire set-up and purchase process for business and customers.

We worked hard to make the platform as easy to use as possible, simplifying the user experience and removing every obstacle possible.


Scott, our design-lead on the project (above), works on early wireframe concepts.

The merchant website widget was designed for simplicity and ease of use for both businesses and customers:

behind-the-scenes-simply-gifted-3 behind-the-scenes-simply-gifted-4 behind-the-scenes-simply-gifted-5


The gift card marketplace was designed to be equally simple, and easy to browse. Website visitors can search, customize, and purchase gift cards for local businesses across the country:




behind-the-scenes-simply-gifted-9 behind-the-scenes-simply-gifted-10


We went through a robust feedback process during IA / UX to ensure that all functionality was accounted for up front. It all turned out great:







After wireframes were complete, we took to adding a beautiful design to compliment the functionality.








After designs were polished, we dove in to code the fully functional Simply Gifted platform. We meticulously tested our code to make it flawless for the Simply Gifted launch.


What emerged is quite possibly the easiest way for businesses and customers to create and buy gift cards online.


For businesses, creating and selling gift cards is painless – and the typical hassles with merchant set-up and payment processing are removed. For customers, it couldn’t be easier to browse and find gift cards for great local businesses and buy gift cards for friends.

It was a pleasure to work with Simply Gifted, and we’re excited to see how the future of online gifting develops as we continue to be a part of its evolution.