Ice cream has been enjoyed around the globe for centuries, and in recent years this frozen treat has swirled its way into different social channels (not to mention the fact that you can now order it from your phone). In honor of National Ice Cream Month, our friends at TrackMaven gave us some recent social data for leading ice cream brands to whip up into our most recent infographic:


Some fun facts:

Baskin Robbins & Cold Stone’s Klout scores (tied at 82) are both higher than Ben & Jerry’s (80) despite the fact that Ben & Jerry’s Takes the (ice cream) cake for both Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers.

Baskin Robbins’ July 1st tweet promoting National Ice Cream Month yielded 124 retweets compared to their average 9 retweets per post.

Cold Stone’s July 2nd photo of a fresh batch of chocolate ice cream being pulled from the machine generated 8,300 likes and 267 comments compared to their average 4,306 likes and 111 shares.

While having just 4,500 twitter followers (compared to Ben & Jerry’s 100,000 +), Dippin’ Dots leads the pack in average YouTube video view with over 30,000.


Design credit:  @vinh291!