The Washington Redskins wanted to give their fans a chance to share their excitement over Redskins Training Camp and the upcoming season, so they partnered with Comcast Sports Network and Verizon and hired ISL to make a one-of-a-kind interactive, Social Photo Locker for them.


The ISL team took a traditional metallic football locker and upgraded it with a Mac Mini, a web-camera, an Arduino micro-controller, a motor shield, and an actuator. The Arduino and motor shield act as a switch that triggers the actuator connected to the inside of the door allowing it to extend and retract, and once the door is fully ajar, the Mac Mini acts as a control station.

In terms of the software involved, ISL engineer, Joe Flasher, built a native Mac application that displays video coming from a connected high-definition cable. It listens for incoming tweets that match a filter and then sends off a signal to open the locker and begin the countdown for the camera. After the picture is taken, it sends the picture off to Twitter and closes the locker.

The Redskins Photo Locker is positioned prominently at Redskins Training Camp in Richmond, VA, and is stocked with more official Redskins equipment and apparel than one can imagine. With a simple tweet to @RedskinsLiveIt with the #photolocker hashtag included, the previously-locked locker door magically opens up and our 45-second countdown starts so that fans can adorn themselves in their best Redskins regalia.


Once the countdown ends, a camera built in to the locker snaps a picture and automatically retweets the image back to the fan’s Twitter account, allowing them to have a personalized digital souvenir of their experience at Redskins Training Camp, all thanks to the Redskins, Comcast Sports Network, and Verizon (…and us of course)!


The Photo Locker has been one of the most popular attractions at Redskins Training Camp, having snapped over 850 pictures since camp has started!

To see all the great photos, search @RedskinsLiveIt on Twitter. HTTR!