Because of NFL regulations, brands are not allowed to actually use the official name of Sunday’s event (hint: it rhymes with Stupor Troll) or the participating team names (The Denver Wild Horses and the Seattle Ocean-bound Predatory Birds) without permission.

Super Bowl XLVIII

Be careful to stick with these regulations when posting, blogging or tweeting!

Here’s 10 clever ways to reference the “event” without violating any copyright laws:

  1. The Big Game: in 2013 it was the most watched telecast so “big” might be an understatement.
  2. Super Sunday: it’s like Black Friday and Cyber Monday for football!
  3. Football’s Big Night: in some households this could mean every Sunday and Monday night during regular season.
  4. The 48th Annual Last Football Game of the Season: because truth.
  5. Not Halftime: although actual halftime is a big deal. Roughly 3 million people tuned in just to watch Madonna perform in 2012.
  6. Wholetime: because everyone likes a good play on words.
  7. Excuse to drink on a Sunday: as if you need an excuse to power through one of the 57.1 million cases of beer that will be sold.
  8. Puppy Bowl for Humans: did you know they’re doing a kitten bowl too? Copy cats.
  9. The sporty stuff around the great commercials: airtime is running an average of $150,000 per second so the sporty stuff better be good.
  10. Superb Owl: Not a Harry Potter reference.