Both gender and ethnic diversity are hot topics in the tech and agency world for good reason – because these industries need to pay more attention to the compositions and culture of the companies they’re creating. Early on, I chose to set the tone at iStrategyLabs on this accordingly:

  • We must have a CEO & Executive Team lead a focus on diversity
  • We must be proactive w/ recruiting a diverse team (apply here)
  • We must abhor “bro/brogrammer culture” in all its forms

To date we’ve done a “good job” – but not great. I’ve shared the numbers below. Perhaps we get a B for this report card – we’re hoping to get an A one day. What do you think? N = 50.


This final chart tells and interesting story. ISL is composed of 35% white guys and 65% women or minorities. I think we’ve got some work to do on the minority front – perhaps that should be 50%? 65%? Our weakest area is on the Engineering and Executive Teams.


For comparison sake, Google just posted “Getting to Work on Diversity” which shows ISL out in front on gender and with a lower White Guys composition.