TL;DR: We’re moving to Wonder Bread Factory and we’re growing a lot (read about our thoughts on diversity, our culture, and apply here).


Almost seven years ago, I started iStrategyLabs in my apartment in Logan circle with a few months of living expenses in the bank. It was just me and a whole lot of hustle propelling this thing forward. By year two I got a small shared office in Dupont and hired our first two employees. It was perfect; a place to kick your feet up, grab a bite on the roof and get some work done by the fire.



Anticipating more growth, we moved to a full 6,200 square foot floor overlooking Dupont and felt like we’d finally become a ‘real company.’ I figured we’d have a long time to enjoy the view.








Last year we started off with about 20 full time designers, developers, strategists and makers inventing things we thought might be interesting and valuable to our clients and communities. 18 months later we’ve leapt up to 50 people and can foresee a 100 person company within the next couple years.

That means we have to move. We have to leave the epic sunsets we’ve had the pleasure to share together in this wonderful lab.


But as with any truly valuable creation, when your project has spent enough time in the lab, perhaps it should make its way to a factory so it can be shared more widely with the world.

I’m happy to announce that iStrategyLabs will be take over the historic first floor of the Wonder Bread Factory and embedding itself in the budding, historic neighborhood of Shaw (details).

At nearly 3x the size of our old space, we’ve got a lot of room to grow here.



We have a lot of flexibility too. We’re considering including:

  • A full production/manufacturing studio to accommodate our growing creative technology and hardware development work
  • A conference facility to host up to 500 people for talks on design, dev, strategy and entrepreneurship
  • A pop-up retail or speakeasy experience just for the hell of it
  • A mini-incubator for startups we believe in to use for free

We don’t yet know what we’ll do. Our build-out plans are kicking off in the next couple weeks. I do know however that iStrategyLabs at Wonder Bread will be unlike anything you’ve seen in DC and…perhaps the world.

What do you think we should do?