Every year, ISL is tasked with recapping the year in mobile for our client, Mobile Future (take a look at years past). Conceptually, we wanted this year’s to be less about recapping the year behind us and more about the future of mobile and the relationships we have with our phones, our constant companions.

Creatively-speaking, we were presented with a healthy handful of challenges working on Mobile Moments. In addition to the myriad difficulties involved in directing humans, scouting locations, lighting said locations, sourcing voice-over audio, and compositing motion graphics together with our video footage, we were tasked with shooting the entire spot on an iPhone. Yup, that’s right – the beautifully polished short you just watched was shot 100% on an iPhone 6S Plus (rose gold).


Though daunting, shooting Mobile Moments on an iPhone was a welcome challenge. With the ability to record 4K video at 30 frames per second, the footage shot an iPhone 6S Plus is as close to cinema-quality as you can get with a mobile device. Additionally, with the advent of detachable lenses and stabilizing attachments, an industrious videographer can trick out an iPhone to the point of a completely viable cinema camera. Which is exactly what we did.
As much as the hardware and glass matter in a video shoot, composition, lighting, and your acting talent play, arguably, an even bigger role. Despite our camera being an unconventional choice, we lit, storyboarded, and casted this spot as we would any other video project.

_57a6730__3__720 _57a6253__1__720 _57a6522__1__720 _57a6690__1__720The final creative piece of the puzzle, once shooting wrapped, was creating the typography for our statistics and custom illustrations for the icons that are scattered throughout the video. Each year we push ourselves to develop a new art direction for this piece, literally scrapping what we have done in the past and starting with a blank canvas. When designing our type treatments, legibility and contrast were tantamount. For our icons, we focused on illustrating pieces that are detailed, but discernible at scale. We iterated and reiterated, and ultimately came up with functional design executions that also look great.

We’re incredibly proud of how it turned out and can’t wait to see what challenges await us next year!