Since 2014, ISL has been excited to be the Sheetz Social Agency of Record with opportunities to work on 360 campaigns, like Sheetz Smoothie Smackdown, and bring their personality to life on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This year, our efforts were put to the test as Sheetz social platforms were reviewed for the Convenience Store Decisions 2016 Social Awards!



Convenience Store Decisions has been an industry news thought-leader and C-Store publisher for over 25 years. Each year, the board conducts an annual review of the social media strategies used by convenience store chains across the industry, focusing on how retailers can capitalize on best practices in the coming year.



CSDecisions reviewed more than 60 convenience store chains across Facebook and Twitter, recognizing the companies doing a superior job of connecting with customers through social media. The majority of these chains are direct Sheetz competitors. 


CSDecisions Cover Sheetz content on the front cover of the 2016 issue



Sheetz received 3 First Place awards! Out of 60 brands reviewed, Sheetz was the only convenience store to win First Place in multiple categories.


Winning Categories

#1 Retailer with the highest number of overall tweets.

Sheetz beat out 7-Eleven, an international company with 58,300 stores, as compared to Sheetz’ 500+.

#2 Most overall growth on FB and Twitter combined.

“Sheetz’ huge Twitter growth didn’t happen by accident.”

“We have been consistently focused on both growth and engagement on Twitter over the past year,” said Ashley Sheetz, social media manager for Altoona, Pa.-based Sheetz, which has more than 510 stores in six states. “As a brand, we strive to post original and relevant content that our fans can relate to. We focus on our ability to be responsive and relatable,” Sheetz added.” – CSD Magazine

#3 Best At Encouraging Fan Engagement Creatively & Consistently

“The Sheetz FB game plan is one to be emulated. The chain has clearly determined how best to resonate with its fans, whom it refers to lovingly as “sheetzfreakz.” From its ‘Smoothie Smack Down’ contest where fans had to vote for their favorite of two beverages, to creative videos to memes featuring characters from popular TV shows and movies, Sheetz finds new and innovative ways to promote its brand without blatantly promoting.

“For us, engaging with our fans through trending topics and relevant content has been proven to be wildly successful,” Ashley Sheetz said.” – CSD Magazine


Content Examples

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