Dear Brands,

Look, I get it… Snapchat is scary. It’s this kind of new, weird platform that feels like it’s constantly changing. But let’s face facts: consumers are becoming more wary of social platforms that develop public profiles complete with timelines documenting every bad decision they’ve made or regrettable relationship they’ve had. As a result, Snapchat (and apps like it that allow for more fluidity and privacy) is what all the kids, and slightly-older kids are turning to. In fact, Snapchat is currently the best way to reach 18-34 year olds right now. Period. Snapchat users are consuming more than 10 BILLION Snapchat videos per day. It’s changing the way we consume media; it’s changing how we create content.

So, yes, you should pay attention. You should stand in the face of your fears. You should consider the possibility of your brand on Snapchat. That said, Snapchat isn’t for everyone (brands included).

Below is a decision tree made to help you determine if your brand should be on Snapchat.


Designed by Paul Dunbar!


If you got to the bottom of this decision tree and you want to explore Snapchat for your brand: Hi! My name is Lauren, I’m a Content Strategist at ISL and I’m here to help you navigate this new world, together. Send me an emailtweet at me, or add me on Snapchat!

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