Meditation and mindfulness — just two of the many tools we as humans use to find our truest of truths and our best selves. But why stop there?

I was challenged to build something during my internship at ISL… so I decided to build a meditation battle station.

Introducing Zone.

What is Zone?

Zone is revolutionizing the way we meditate by providing a fun, integrated experience that helps you self-actualize in your own mind like never before!

Arista MS

Zone is a two-player meditation battle that puts opponents in a head-to-head battle of the minds. By measuring EEG brainwaves, via 7 calibrated sensors on the Muse headset, Zone uses real-time biofeedback to calculate each players’ relative calmness. That calmness “score” is then displayed on a 64-foot LED display via a hadouken-esq animation.

Zone Display


The Muses are connected via bluetooth to a Mac Mini that calculates the relative calmness of the two players using a Python script.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.26.07 PM


This data is used to provide a “score” for each player. This score is then passed to a Processing sketch, which runs a visualization on our custom 64 x 16 pixel display. The pixel display is driven by two FadeCandy boards, which are capable of driving 512 pixels each.


LEDs are evenly distributed along a laser cut grid made out of plywood. The grid is then placed inside a custom wooden frame made of red oak and covered with semi-transparent acrylic to diffuse the light giving it that classic 90s look that will make you feel like you’re back at mom & dad’s playing Sega.


We currently have Zone up and running in our DC office. Think you can stay calm under pressure? Stop by and test it out!