As a company full of makers, ISL is constantly on the hunt for the “next big thing”. It’s an added bonus when the innovation has the potential to change the world; enter the annual ASME IShow. 

We’re partnering again this year with ASME to put on its Innovation Showcase (IShow). This global competition for hardware-led social innovation attracts the brightest young engineers, all of whom hope to make a difference in the world. The success of this year’s India and Kenya showcases makes us even more eager to see what innovations will steal the show in DC.

Join us on June 16th — we’ll be at the District Architecture Center (DAC) discovering the devices and machines dreamt up by our finalists and learning about the future of social innovation. Discover the DC finalists, RSVP to the IShow, and follow @asmeishow for more info. We hope to see you there!