On Friday, June 17th ISL’s Wonderbread office will be transformed into the headquarters of ContraryCon, a one-day, two-track convention tailored specifically for the design and creative engineering communities.

Now, what do ContraryCon’s participants all have in common?

They’re hungry.

This hunger can take on many forms. The more obvious one being the reason for the resurgence of food trucks in front of ISL’s Wonderbread headquarters and Republic Kolache reigning supreme during our breakfast break. The one less discussed is what actually fuels us the most… the hunger for more.

The yearning for more knowledge, more examples, more opportunities, and more discussions about how to change the conversation. The design and development fields are constantly evolving, so it is increasingly imperative to become the change you want to see.

This is no easy task, and that’s why we’ve tapped some of the best and brightest industry professionals to share their insights and herd in a new age where the sheep can become the shepherd.


Our speakers cover a wide range of topics including how to survive the internet, how to design a map that reflects your personality, and how to determine the best work environment for you and what this means for your practice. 
ContraryCon is a forum for discovering that the only constant is change and the only way to move forward is to push back. It pushes back at the notion that trends are definite, and the future is foreseeable. ContraryCon seeks to adapt and never settle, and our speakers reflect this instinct. Our speakers don’t ask, they act.


Hungry yet?

We’re just getting started.

Come get your fill at the historic Wonderbread Factory on Friday, June 17th, and join the fight at ContraryCon.com.