This summer the ISL interns were tasked with creating a project that enhanced the already thriving work culture at ISL. We decided to target the “Fun Fund”, a portion of money that is supplied to employees who want to spend time together outside of the office. From going to a yoga class to an impromptu team happy hour, these are company supported outings that better moral and the work culture overall.

Our solution was to create Trckr. This project has two parts: a website for fund accessibility and submission, as well as a physical product that shows the current funds in real time, for visibility around the office.

Trckr: The Website

The website serves as a revamped version of an old google spreadsheet that previously housed these funds. While the new website performs a similar function, there is a new level of design and user friendly functionality that is present.



Using Trckr is simple. A user can access the login portal using their ISL email address, which will track their historical data and fund usage. Upon entering the site a user can see the current amount of Fun Fund money available, as well as submit their own fun that was funded by ISL. Simply scroll down, enter in your event, the date, amount, other participants and the user is all set.  Not sure what to Fun Fund? Trckr also displays the latest Fun Funded events so employees can get ideas for more future fun!


Trckr: The Product

Having the Fun Fund is an awesome perk, but it can sometimes go unnoticed. We wanted to create a physical product that would keep Fun Fund availability top of mind and easily visible to employees.


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 3.00.24 PM



Within the physical build, Trckr utilizes an LED light matrix to show the dollar amount currently in the Fun Fund. Four LED light strips cover the front of the product to visually represent the “fullness” of the Fun Fund and correspond to how much money is inside of it. The LED light matrix and the LED light strips receive the Fun Fund Trckr total by communicating with the Trckr website through an Arduino and updates in real time


We currently have Trckr up and running in our DC office. Want to learn more? Email us for the details!