Instagram introduced a new interactive polling feature to their library of creative stickers, an eyedropper tool, and an alignment tool in Instagram Stories.

How do they work?

Poll Sticker: 

Using the poll sticker, users can ask a question and view real-time results from followers as they vote. Similar to other Instagram Stories stickers, users can tap on a sticker icon, select the poll sticker, and adjust it on the image.

Within the sticker, users can write out their question and customize the poll choices. The poll sticker comes with a space for a question, though currently, the sticker text available only comes in white (see example below). For this reason, I would suggest writing your question using the standard text function for a cleaner look.


Eyedropper + Alignment Tools:

Users can now also take colors from photos to use on text with the new eyedropper tool. To find the tool, simply tap to type or select a brush tool and the eyedropper icon will appear at the beginning of the color options.

The alignment tool, which is currently limited to iOS, will appear as users move text or stickers across the center of their images.


What does this mean for brands?

Brands on Instagram should consider using this interactive sticker in their Instagram Stories content to engage with their audience…and have some fun with it! Since polling options are customizable, consider using a mix of text or emojis to ask questions. ?

Beyond just being a fun sticker, this feature allows brands to further understand the preferences of their audience. Taco Bell, for example, recently used the sticker to celebrate National Taco Day and engaged with their audience by asking followers how they like their tacos.

Picture3 Picture4

Additionally, brands should consider using the eyedropper tool to ensure font and brush colors align with their brand style guidelines.