What’s new?

Today, Facebook is officially launching Facebook Polls. Although Facebook Pages have had basic text polls for years, now all people and Pages across iOS, Android and desktop will have access to Facebook Polls. You can even add photos and GIFs as answers.

How does it work?

Creating a Facebook Poll is as simple as updating your status. First, open the status composer on your profile or Page and select Polls. Then, write your question and two answers.

There’s no limit to how long your question can be, but your responses are limited to 25 characters. To add a photo or GIF to your answers, tap the camera icon to upload or click the GIF icon to select from a library of available options. As of right now, you cannot upload GIFs as options.

Once you’re happy with your poll, select when you’d like it to expire (1 Day, 1 Week, Never, or Custom) and publish. Once a user votes, the percentage of votes will appear on each of the responses. The answers are not anonymous and will be visible to both the poll creator and the public. To view the breakdown of votes and voters, select the total number of votes in the lower right of the poll.



What does it mean for brands?

Similar to the Instagram Stories poll sticker, brands should consider using this tool to engage with their audience and [potentially] drive business decisions. This could be a great opportunity to uncover audience preferences, launch a “choose your own adventure” content release, test creative, and gather opinions.