Scrolling through Instagram is like sprinting through the Moma.

Instagram is like a digital art museum. Tiny creations, framed by your phone’s polycarbonate casing. Sometimes still, other times moving, sometimes black and white, other times #nofilter. It is truly “high art” at its highest ?.

…what if you could walk into this museum? Browse your friends’ photos as though they were a featured exhibit.

Now you can. Introducing: Instagallery – an augmented reality portal to a digital museum that features the most “liked” photos of a select Instagram user.

Built using a blend of custom Cinema 4D-generated assets, the ARKit framework, and the Instagram API, Instagallery is a functional augmented reality prototype. Simply open the iOS application, detect a surface, and enter the gallery! The app pulls a users top photos and fills six 3D golden frames. If a new post enters the top 6, the app dynamically replaces an old photo with the newer, more popular photo.

This is one of many AR prototypes created in 2017 (see more in our latest post: Augmented Reality: Everything You Need to Know for 2018). We’re extremely excited to continue creating with augmented reality, developing ideas, and releasing AR experiences for everyone to use.

If you like what you see, drop me a line: If you want to learn more about the major AR platforms out there, check out our deep dive into ARKit, ARCore, Lens Studio AR Studio, and Sumerian. Cheers!