Welcome to the Club

Most of us missed the boat on bitcoin, which is a shame because if you’d invested some spare change in 2010, you’d be able to buy the boat.

Born out of our fascination with blockchain technology and collective regret, BitcoinRegret.Club is a simple tool that reminds us all how bad we screwed up. Welcome to the club.

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How does it work?

BitcoinRegret.Club is – simply put – a regret calculator. Enter a dollar value and date, and voilà – an amount of money that’s sure to induce grief.

But wait, it gets worse! You can convert your result into real world goods like an iPhone X, a Falcon Heavy rocket, or a Bud Light Lime-a-rita. To regrets! *clink*

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After you input a dollar amount and date, BRC pulls the bitcoin value from the Coindesk API, does a little math, and boom. Regret metric achieved.

Simple. Elegant. Disheartening.

Being Regret Agnostic

The crypto market is painfully volatile. Everything was on the up-swing at the end of 2017. Then came the South Korean crackdown, “marketing manipulation” theories, and Facebook’s latest ads policy. Suddenly the cryptocurrency market dropped by hundreds of billions of dollars (yes, USD).

We started building BitcoinRegret.Club when bitcoin’s price was approaching $20K. Since then it’s dropped to as low as $6K.

We realized there was an entirely new class of bitcoin regretters – those that invested at the peak and lost money. Because of this, we’ve designed the experience to be “regret-agnostic.” Not early enough or too late, the club doesn’t discriminate.     

Behind the Brand

After several rounds of identity design, we landed on BitBoi™ – a woefully ecstatic coin that manifests regret. He sheds a single tear and grins as you laugh at your own pain.

BRC-Design1 BRC-Design3

The experience was deliberately designed as a funnel that, by the end, generated shareable content for you. Clear CTAs, concise text, and minimal views were priorities from wireframes to finalized designs. We built BRC to take users from “this looks interesting” to “I NEED TO SHARE THIS.”  

“Virgil Abloh once said, ‘Modern culture thrives off irony… humor is an entry point for humanity.’ That’s what we were going for. The idea here was to create something people would not only relate to, but understand the inherent irony.” -Fernando Castro, Creative Director

Strategic Approach

This may come as a shock, but not everyone knows (or cares) about cryptocurrency. As few as 2% of Americans have invested. In order to market effectively, we needed to develop a highly-tailored user persona.

Introducing Jake – the epitome of crypto regret. Single, millennial, buys low, sells high, loves tech, laid back, invests only what he’s comfortable losing.  



“We found that the same people on social media bragging about their personal gains in cryptocurrency also found humor in the volatile nature of the industry. Enter Jake, a persona that perfectly captures technical knowledge and culturally relevant sarcasm.” -Christina Jones, Community Manager

Once we identified who we were talking to, we got to copywriting. The goal was to be simultaneously comical and remorseful from the first time you open the experience down to the pre-generated Twitter copy.

We even created quippy copy for each of the 16 conversion items. When you select a Yankee Candle, the screen reads, “It could’ve been so lit.” Select a Hermes Birkin Bag and you get, “Maybe you could afford a knock off?”

“If you’re in the club, you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself. Crafting copy for the conversions was an opportunity to inject a healthy dose of sass and imagination. If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t spend it buying enough ramen packets to fill several Olympic pools, but there’s humor in imagining that I could.” – Ruth Aitken, Junior Creative Strategist

Under The Hood

From the start, our goal was to make the experience quick and entertaining. That’s why we built BitcoinRegret.Club using React.js. React prioritizes rich user interfaces and provides a framework for making progressive web applications efficiently.  



“Our front end team always aims to push the boundaries by experimenting with new technologies. We decided to use React.js to easily define, reuse and manipulate components at our hearts’ content. Writing JSX took our productivity to the next level.” – Julie Bacon, Web Developer

What’s Next?

Sky’s the limit. For a possible version 2, we’re thinking of adding new conversions, cryptos, and design features. For now, enjoy BitcoinRegret.Club (as much as someone can enjoy a tool designed to induce regret).

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Got comments? Questions? Ideas? We’re open to any and all feedback. Hit me up: js@isl.co.