Whether it’s an earthquake, an employee flying off the handle, a local news event or a mis-tweeted image—When it comes to social, a crisis can be any unplanned incident that will significantly impact the regular distribution of your content and messaging.

Social’s low barrier to entry and instant gratification, topped with the anonymity of users, make it a primary landing place for customer feedback, complaints and emotion.

As brand managers, it’s up to you to prepare your social channels as a primary point of contact.

Our philosophy: Be ready, be flexible and be communicative.


Types of “Crises” to Anticipate

Crises are inevitable, and they’re unpredictable.

Some of the most common include:


Preventative Measures: How You Can Be Prepared

Don’t worry! You might not know what’s coming or when it’ll arrive, but there are some basic precautions you can take to make sure when something does happen, your social brand is ready:

Keep your pages up-to-date.

Develop an internal contact and approval system.

Consider these questions:

Know your brand’s place.


Reactive Measures: How to Mitigate Effectively 

When something happens, you’ll need to make a decision quickly, thoughtfully and collaboratively.

Use these questions as a guide to determine a course of action:

Create a form that addresses the above questions, and from those insights create an informed communications strategy or plan of attack. An impulsive reaction will always do more damage than an informed reaction. Even if your audience is pressing for a quick response, do your best to take enough time to make a smart, strategic decision.

Remember: Social is the closest touch point to the consumer. No matter what you decide, make sure there’s a way to track your decision. Set up a dashboard of sorts so there can be easy data pulls throughout the event, and provide updates as needed.

Be ready, be flexible and be communicative — you’ll do great!