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In early 2015, ISL moved into a new 17,000 square foot office in the heart of Washington, DC.

A place for creating and magic making. We inhabit a historic warehouse filled with nap pods, collaboration rooms, studios, workshops, meditation lounges and skateboard-ready polished concrete. We have a stage for live music and community events. There are a couple of secret doors. It’s pretty ridiculous actually.

Part skate park, part event space. 4,000 square feet dedicated to hosting our parties, talks, and the occasional video shoot.
Our custom built design studio is our home for photography, stop motion video, and anything else we can think of.
Our gorgeous kitchen complete with a banquet table for twenty, and catered lunch on mondays.
Just one of many PS4 equipped 80 inch televisions scattered throughout the office.
Decked out maker workshop
Tons of bike parking
  • Our office was built from the ground up to be a laboratory for invention — not just a workspace. From the production studio to the maker workshop, ISL's headquarters has become a home for creativity. Peter Corbett, ISL Founder & CEO
  • Our Benefits

    We work hard, smart and care about each other. We’re big on diversity. We’re pro-dog and pro-nap. We’re big into supporting the community and do so everyday.

    100% of Health, Dental, Vision

    WMATA commuter benefits

    50% of family health premiums

    Catered lunch and stocked fridge

    17 Paid Company Holidays

    Slush “Fun Fund”

    Unlimited Vacation & Sick Days

    Paid Maternity / Paternity Leave

    Profit share and 401(k)

    Professional development

    Dogs dogs dogs!

    Shorts, flip flops and naps encouraged

    Current Openings

    • design
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      washington dc 1-2 Years Permalink

      ISL is on the hunt for a (supremely) talented interactive designer to join our 14-person design team. You’ll help to design lush websites, beautiful-yet-functional interfaces, expansive web applications, native iOS apps and more. Front-end skills are a huge plus; deep knowledge of current web technology and tools is a must.

      We’re working on projects for Fortune 500′s while also building our own products and projects we find interesting. Join us.


      An undisputed gift for designing for screens. HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills a huge plus. 1 year of agency or freelance web and interface work, or a very strong web portfolio of personal projects.

      The Perfect Candidate

      • Is as good as they are passionate, and as passionate as they are good
      • Formal design training
      • Wants to make their mark on the words as a true craftsman
      • Has real-world, client-facing experience
      • Is a believer in the importance of a diligent, focused design process
      • Is good at selling their ideas / explaining design thinking to a client

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    • engineering
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      washington dc 3-5 Years Permalink

      No ninjas or rockstars need apply. ISL is looking for a skilled, hard-working front-end engineer to help build amazing experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world.

      We move quickly. We are not married to any particular set of technologies, but we do utilize Angular, jQuery, Gulp, Sass, Jasmine and browserify for our front end stack. Our CSS is BEM’d out and we live and die by component based development. We have a JavaScript style guide and we use it. We are a down-to-earth, hardworking team that’s not afraid of challenges. We listen to each other, we respect each other, and we really like each other. We push one another to make great things. We have a set of values to which we hold each other accountable. We’re looking for someone who shares and believes in these same ideals.

      We’re small, but growing quickly, so we’re still working out the best ways to stay fast and collaborate easily while keeping a solid footing. We’d love to hear your ideas on how we can work together even better. You’ll inspire us with new approaches to tough problems, and we’ll inspire you with some of the most daring client work around.

      If this job sounds like something you’d enjoy, drop us a line below and let us know why. Please make sure to include a link to a GitHub account and a portfolio or resume.


      JavaScript, HTML, Sass (and CSS), Angular, Gulp, Jasmine. Ideally, you have a deep background in traditional web development in addition to having launched a number of production websites using client-side MVC frameworks. You’ve successfully led the front-end development process for numerous large-scale client builds.

      The Perfect Candidate

      • Has a deep understanding of the JavaScript language. We do utilize jQuery, but you should be comfortable working outside of that context
      • Writes clear, clean, semantic HTML
      • Has an eye for design
      • Takes fancy photoshop documents and creates their mirror image in any browser
      • Obsesses over performance
      • Has an opinion about promises vs callbacks
      • Is always looking to learn something new

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    • engineering
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      washington dc 3-5 Years Permalink

      ISL is looking for a talented Software Engineer to join our growing fifteen-person development team. You’ll help build applications that power digital campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, using the best technology for the job. You’ll have fun.

      As a Software Engineer in Test, you will be responsible for creating and implementing end-to-end test plans, setting up test environments, developing automated tests, and analyzing test results. In addition you’ll hold and facilitate test plan / test case reviews with cross-functional team members and work with the development team to ensure issues are addressed. Who doesn’t like to tell developers when their code is broken? By helping make the development process more productive, you’ll ensure that projects ship on time and are of the utmost quality.

      We are a down-to-earth, hardworking team that’s not afraid of a challenge. We listen to each other, we respect each other, and we really like each other. We push one another to make great things. We’re looking for someone who shares and believes in these same ideals.

      If this job sounds like something you’d enjoy, drop us a line below and let us know why. Please make sure to include a link to a GitHub account and a resume.


      Some of the tools and technologies we use every day include: Python/Django, PHP/WordPress, SASS, Node.js/Express/, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS/S3, GitHub. You should know enough about these tools to be able to review functional and design specifications to ensure full understanding of individual deliverables.

      You should have experience testing complex systems and effectively communicating the results.

      The Perfect Candidate

      • Is a clear communicator (written and verbal) to ensure ability to write test plans and test cases and communicate bugs to developers and other stakeholders.
      • Can focus on deadlines and deliverables in order to track down the bad defects and bugs quickly.
      • Has the ability to think abstractly and not conform to the norm; norms do not expose bugs quickly.
      • Is looking to help inspire, build, and learn from a team that strives for the best possible quality in our work.

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    • marketing
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      washington dc Permalink

      ISL is made up of five teams – each of which is related to Operations, Marketing, Design, Strategy and Engineering respectively. Many of us cross over one or more of these teams in terms of skills and passions. We’re all aligned by delivering great work for Fortune 500 clients and on inventing new things we love.

      The Wild Card might join one of these teams – or span them. We’re not sure. What we’re looking for is someone who is devastatingly creative, insightful, and energetic with a technical orientation.

      Submit for this role if you’re…well…a wild card that doesn’t fit the typical boxes of life.


      Just one: being able to absorb the chaos of the world and distill it into amazingness. Startup or Agency experience required.

      The Perfect Candidate

      • Is technical – understands code, APIs and how web things work – but is not necessarily a dev
      • Is a design-thinker but is not necessarily a designer
      • Is a terrific writer and expresser of ideas
      • Can sell people on their vision like a pro
      • Has tons of relationships with interesting creative/technically oriented people

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    • design
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      washington dc 2+ Years Permalink

      ISL is looking for a talented Shooter/Editor to assist in the production of compelling, high-quality content throughout all phases of the video process.


      You’re a shooter. You’re an editor. You have hands-on experience in the field, and in the studio driving projects forward through each stage of the video production process. You have an eye for aesthetic and a mind for storytelling. You’ve been professionally involved with video work for 2+ years and you’re looking to sharpen your skills on Fortune 500 clients and national campaigns. You have a solid understanding of the production workflow from filming to final delivery.


      • You are well-versed across the Adobe Creative Suite platform (Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop) – 3D gfx experience with Cinema 4D or Maya is a super bonus.
      • You have a strong editing background with experience cutting fast-paced commercial pieces, as well as assembling intricately complex narratives for documentary work.
      • You have shooting experience on a wide variety of project types, using a wide range of cameras including RED, Canon, Sony – and an understanding of  the associated post-production workflows (offline editing etc.)
      • You’re proficient with After Effects, and have animation and motion graphic experience
      • You understand Codecs in and out. The Media Encoder queue… you know what I’m talkin’ about.
      • You have a strong understanding of recording audio in studio and in the field. Boom operating, setting LAVs etc.
      • You’re self-motivated, you successfully meet tight deadlines, you manage priorities and your time effectively with minimal supervision in a fast paced, team environment
      • You’re painstakingly organized and attentive to detail
      • You research programs, practices, industry news and have a passion for constantly improving your work.

      Is this you?

    • marketing
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      washington dc Internship Permalink

      We’re looking for a savvy Marketing Intern/Apprentice to join our team ASAP for the rest of 2015 (and perhaps into 2016). You’ll work side-by-side with our CMO, Producers & Makers to help manage/grow the ISL brand in devilishly creative ways. During your time here, you might help produce/host new events, research and design/write awesome blog posts, prep/create presentations, shoot/edit/publish all kinds of photos/videos for this thing called social media, and perhaps even help invent a new product/gadget/experiment along the way. You’ll learn a ton. You’ll have fun and work hard. Your friends will be insanely jealous. 

      The Perfect Candidate:

      • Ideally you’re a junior/senior in college, but if you’re not that’s cool too
      • You’re incredibly smart, charismatic, and people like working with you
      • You’re an entrepreneurial fountain of ridiculously good ideas
      • You’re not satisfied with good enough, and will stop at nothing to get something done right
      • You’re a great writer, editor, and proofer
      • You have a good eye for design and have experience with the Adobe Creative Suite
      • You’re obsessed with social media, tech, all things digital, and want to learn more
      • You’re highly organized, task-oriented, and self-motivated

      Is this you?

    • strategy
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      washington dc 5-8 years Permalink

      Account and team lead for social media and digital clients for Fortune 500 brands. Covers all day-to-day aspects of account and team management to execute social media and digital strategy across relevant platforms.


      You’re an effective and dedicated team leader. Highly organized, detail-oriented, incredibly thorough and diligent. Strategy-focused and results-oriented. You can manage big, complicated projects and clients with ease and stay poised under pressure. You love working with people, managing teams and processes, providing mentorship, recognize great work and don’t shy away from delivering constructive and critical feedback. You solve problems and resolve conflicts elegantly, simply and efficiently.

      5-8 years relevant agency or in-house (client-side) experience managing Fortune 500 clients. Team management of 10+ people across multiple departments including strategy, design and development.

      The Perfect Candidate

      • Manages day-to-day client relationship and account maintenance.
      • Has managed dozens of social campaigns and digital design/build projects.
      • Is a meticulous manager of timelines, client expectations and team members.
      • Is incredibly smart, charismatic and a natural networker/conversationalist.
      • Continuously evaluates, refines and manages internal production processes to reach full potential in execution of social media or digital strategy.
      • Understands social media inside and out.
      • Consistently reviews and and refines process and creative implementation to optimize execution.

      Is this you?

    • strategy
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      washington dc 1 - 3 YEARS Permalink

      Are you a data storyteller with a mind for meta-data and a heart for pivot tables? We want to meet you! ISL is looking for a data analyst to create and assist on regular reporting for social media and web clients. You’ll pull, process, and analyze big data on Fortune 100 digital efforts to provide actionable insights for our internal and client teams.




      • Create regular social media reports on content performance and engagement.
      • Analyze and process raw data from native social media analytic platforms using Microsoft Excel and techniques such as Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting, etc.
      • Use social monitoring tools including but not limited to Sprinklr, Falcon, Tracx, and Simply Measured to report on the performance on Enterprise level social media accounts.
      • Provide benchmarking and background data to inform creative concepts and executions.
      • Complete ad-hoc reports to support and be reviewed by Lead Analyst.
      • Offer actionable recommendations on social and web activity to optimize future efforts.   
      • Present reports and elaborate on analytics insights in meetings with ISL strategists and client teams to provide additional reporting context and insights when needed.

      + As needed:

      Paid Media:

      • Develop social paid media strategy for social accounts and digital campaigns.
      • Establish segmenting, benchmarks, goals and KPIs for social ad campaigns.  
      • Execute paid media campaigns to ensure ad performance meets campaign goals.

      Google Analytics:

      • Implement Google Analytics on website projects, including Google Tag Manager implementation, and establishing event, conversion and goal tracking.
      • Report on website performance like site traffic, event tracking, and goal conversions.

      The Perfect Candidate

      • Is a critical thinker who is hungry to learn.
      • Is able to interpret the stats that matter and tell a story with data.
      • Is independent and pro-active with strong attention to detail.

      Is this you?

    • strategy
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      washington dc 3- 5 years Permalink

      You’ll create killer digital and experiential campaign concepts for Fortune 500 brands and for internal projects. You’ll manage and create chaos masterfully. You’ll have fun. You won’t be able to get enough!

      Must have at least 3+ years of relevant agency or in-house (client-side) experience managing Fortune 500 clients.

      The Perfect Candidate

      • Has managed several design/build projects (web/mobile/social apps) and/or social media projects.
      • Is a meticulous manager of timelines and client expectations.
      • Understands how to manage clients effectively.
      • Has managed teams of people including strategists, designers and developers.
      • Is incredibly smart, charismatic and a natural networker/conversationalist.
      • Is an entrepreneurial fountain of ridiculously good ideas.
      • Is not satisfied with good enough—will stop at nothing to crush it.
      • Understands social media inside and out.

      Is this you?

    • operations
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      washington dc Permalink
      ISL is on the hunt for a savvy Operations Manager to join our team, with a specific focus on our facilities, vendor management, and more. You’ll work with our Ops team to ensure the smooth daily operation of a growing company, and will be challenged to proactively create and implement new processes that improve workflow, communication, efficiency, and safety/security. If this sounds like you, drop us a line and let’s chat!


      • You had previous experience with facilities management and physical (& ideally digital) office security 
      • You’re extremely organized, great at managing your time wisely, and are eager to learn more 
      • You’re comfortable liaising and managing a robust network of vendors – (maintenance, security, building contacts, etc.)
      • You’re comfortable planning for and executing purchases for the team and the company as needs arise
      • You’re flexible, easy to work with, and readily willing to take on the unique challenges of a growing company
      • BONUS: You have experience tracking project finances and/or handling invoicing
      • BONUS: You’re handy (e.g. can hang a shelf)

      Is this you?

    Let's talk anyway