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Social Agency of Record

Social Agency of Record

Sustainable. Inspiring. Social.

How do you take two brands – two global organization that are so much more than hotel chains – and adapt them for social in a way that’s approachable, beautiful, and actually leads to bookings?

This was the challenge for Starwood Capital Group’s flagship companies. Since 2017, ISL has served as the Social Agency of Record for 1 Hotels and Baccarat.

For 1 Hotels, it was about translating their purpose – their bend toward social good and environmental love – to social. ISL needed to display the hotel as an experience and a mission, not just another hospitality brand.

For Baccarat, it was about bringing an elevated, luxury brand to life in social, and creating something that challenged peoples’ perceptions of historic vintage brands. The Baccarat Hotel, like its crystal namesake, was sometimes perceived as cold and unattainable. ISL aimed to strike a balance between celebrating this heritage, while inspiring new fans with an updated vision, adapted for digital platforms, that was relevant, chic, and showcased the warmth of the Baccarat experience.

For both brands, we were tasked with identifying their social voice, creating strategies around it, and proving ROI (all while engaging fans like never before).

2018 By The Numbers

500% Increase in Engagement
15.3M Total Reach
60,000+ Total Followers Added
Sizzle Reel
Sizzle Reel

Luxury, For Your Feed

Social Editorial Content

All of The Content

From editorial planning and art direction to paid media management and reporting, we executed on the strategic objects for 1 Hotels and Baccarat across their social properties. We reported back on our efforts, which led to insights that influenced subsequent paid and organic content, creative directions, and platform presence.

Social Editorial Content

The Best of 1 Hotels

Supporting Brand Initiatives

Our collaborative intake process allowed us showcase the brand's diverse event programming, core company values and beautiful property details in socially relevant, exciting ways.

1 Hotels

Beach Club

The Beach Club Instagram Story advertised a unique offering of 1 Hotel South Beach that’s appropriate and accessible for all ages. This story reached 
a total of 32,968 users and reported an average completion rate of 96.18%.

1 Hotels

Earth Day On-Site Activations

1 Hotels celebrated Earth Day in style this year. The Earth Day “On Property” story reached a total of 88,184 users and reported an average completion rate 
of 95.95%.


Highlighting Guests & Employees

Baccarat continues to celebrate the moments that our fans have captured, highlighting just how amazing it is to experience Baccarat. The brand also saluted their amazing tea sommelier, Gabrielle Jammal, in a continuous effort to showcase the amazing team at their hotel. These stories reached more than 18,000 fans.

UGC & Influencer

Featuring Fans & Tastemakers

Generating ROI

Advanced Advertising: Canvas, Paid, & Beyond

With our tried-and-true strategy, we came in at 15% return on paid digital spending, with the industry average of only 2%.

We created a consumer journey that implements interest-level targeting and behavior-based retargeting tactics around three strategic objectives (awareness, dedication, and loyalty). Layered into audience-specific channel and content strategies, the consumer journey model helped 1 Hotels and Baccarat exceed their benchmarks for online sales from digital advertising and far outweigh industry standards.

For Baccarat, we deployed canvas ads (below), bringing a full-screen ad experience of the property to life on mobile. They’re immersive, interactive ads that are hosted completely on Facebook — thereby eliminating the need for users to click out of the app to engage with mobile content. You can see a demo of the canvas ad here.

2018 Paid Media Results

$300K+ Revenue Generated in One Quarter
1 to 6 Return on Ad Spend
200+ Rooms Booked