19 Crimes

19 Crimes: VR Brand Activation


360º in 1867

The challenge: transport customers from their in-store experience to the barracks of a 19th century convict ship. ISL Studios partnered with JWT San Francisco to tackle the creative task of designing historically accurate sets, wardrobes, and props; all while handling the technical challenge of shooting for virtual reality and 360º experiences. The result was a jarring, intense, and highly immersive experience that puts you in the prisoner’s shackles. Brace yourself.

Back To The Future

Using futuristic tech to shoot a scene that transports you over a century into the past.

The Final Product
The Final Product

Welcome Aboard


19th Century Chic

No detail was spared: tone-on-tone woven pinstripes, metal buttons, front bibs, and high waisted two slant pocket pants made up the 19th century silhouette for both our guard and our prisoners. Every detail – down to the fabric, seam, and fit – was accurate to the time.


Aged to Perfection

Set Design

Banished to The Brig

To create an amazing 360º experience, we needed to see exactly what the prisoner would see. Chained to a wooden bunk with heavy irons, we emulated the prisoner’s experience: wooden, wax, and nautical elements make up a damp, heavily guarded cell.

Setting the Stage

Props and Prison Cells

Video Production & VFX

Simulating the Storm

ISL’s editors simulated a storm using a complex concoction of sound, still, animated, and texture layers. It started with green screen covering the prison cell’s rounded window. During post production, a stock film of the ocean was enhanced to match the conditions of a storm. Add in transparent layers of smoke, lightning, and rain, top it off with hi-fi thunder audio and voila! A simulated thunderstorm.

Witness the 360º Experience
Witness the 360º Experience

Lights. Camera. Camera. Camera. Action.

Shooting in 3D

We shot 19 Crimes with a Mini Eye 3, which consists of three Black Magic cameras (that we modified with our own lenses) mounted on a monopod. The glowing orb below acts as supporting light for the 360º viewer.