Accion Web Redesign

Accion & the Center for Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion, Translated to The Web

Financial inclusion. It’s a big issue with little understanding. Accion – a global non-profit dedicated to creating a more financially inclusive world – aims to give businesses across the globe access to affordable financial products and services. The problem: their website was outdated, and disparate from their research arm – The Center for Financial Inclusion.

Accion partnered with ISL to create a brand new web experience that addressed this comprehension gap, while tying together two disparate web properties, driving donations and awareness, and building an effective digital extension of the brand.

By The Numbers

1000% Monthly Subscription Increase
50% Mobile Traffic Increase
2000% Increase in Partner Leads
From the Client
The new website is absolutely fabulous. It's stunning. It's a whole new era for Accion's positioning and communications. Anna Husain, Director of Digital Communications
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Tech Stack

Built With the Latest

Headless CMS
Client Testimonial
Great user experience, easy to navigate, mobile friendly with all the information at the viewer’s fingertips! This is something that we have needed in our web site for a long time. Accion IT Specialist
Bridging The Brands

Two Brands. One System.

Accion International is the parent brand – it’s the vessel that carries an international network of knowledge, advocacy, and promotion for financial inclusion. But the brain that powers it all is known as The Center for Financial Inclusion.

The think-tank arm of Accion engages and challenges the industry to better serve, protect and empower clients; but it maintained a disparate brand identity, and little cohesion with Thus, we created multiple web experiences for Accion and CFI, and married them under one “parent” brand identity.

Designing for Scale

Visual Language & Component Libraries

To ensure we kept to allocated time (and budget) for both sites, we had to find a shared visual language and component library to increase usability and consistency, while expediting development.

We ultimately developed pattern libraries and shared style guides that enabled our team to rapidly design and develop. We created custom identities for each of Accion’s primary company pillars – Advise, Invest, Influence, Partner – and created styles and CTAs that were easily deployed on Accion’s site, CFI’s site, and Accion’s other marketing channels.

Prioritizing Customization

Templated to Perfection

Accion is a massive organization, with hundreds of stakeholders and plenty of research, press, and success stories to share. We needed to create a system that maintained our design system, while enabling more dynamic content creation.

We templatized the entire web experience, giving the Accion and CFI teams the opportunity to customize blog posts, press releases, updates, infographics, research, and so much more. This was made possible by ISL’s engineering team; we built headless CMS and integrated it into a custom WordPress instance.

Marketing Collateral

Going Beyond the Web

The system wasn’t just created for the web. We designed everything – color, patterns, type, iconography, and more – to go beyond the screen. Elements of the Accion design system were fit for all types of marketing collateral, from totes and merchandise to flyers and business cards.

From the Client
Of all the international development sites I have been to, ours is just soooooo head and shoulders above the rest. Accion HR Manager