Beat Optoro

Gamifying Reasons to Believe

The World's First Product Demo You'll Actually Want to Use

For retailers, returns are a headache. A $500B headache, to be exact. Optoro creates world class software that helps retailers determine optimal return routes, which in turn reduces waste and increases value.

The problem: their product demo was outdated. They needed something that abstracted Optoro’s value proposition and provides interactivity to their prospective customers.

So together, we made a game. Beat Optoro is a race against the clock to see if you can save more money and produce less waste than Optoro. Simply select the product, process the return by dragging, and rack up points.

Spoiler alert, it’s extremely difficult to beat Optoro. Try it today!

From the client:
The demo is a great way for us to showcase the problem of returns and our technology in a simple, fun, and engaging way. We put the demo into the Accenture Innovation Center in Chicago, and the team told us that it was the best technology demo they've had in the space. Carly Llewellyn, VP of Marketing at Optoro
Game On

Simple to Play. Hard to Win.

out of insights came a wireframe

We collected hundreds of data points – Optoro stakeholder input, competitive analysis, previous product demo success metrics, the list goes on. Out of these insights came a prototype.

Custom Illustration

Before playing, we present the problem Optoro solves simply, and with custom illustrations.

Built for scale

From big boardrooms to small coffee shops, Optoro's sales team demoed the product just about everywhere. Thus, we needed to make an experience that can be accessed online, and used with almost any hardware.