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Alexa Multi-Modal


New Language. New Hardware. New Designs.

Amazon Alexa – along with most voice platforms – is investing heavily into multi-modal devices, or voice experiences that have accompanying screens of varying sizes. When Amazon announced their new presentation language, Capital One knew that had to redesign their Skill for new hardware like the Echo Show and Spot. As one of Amazon’s certified Skill builders, we were up for the task.

The result was a completely redesigned experience, adapting Capital One’s voice Skill and brand standards to dozens of screen comps for the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot, all in accordance with Amazon’s brand new presentation language.


Banking, Without Lifting a Finger


Banking, Without Lifting a Finger

ISL was tasked with redesigning a number of critical screens in accordance to Capital One's brand standards, including account summary, account overview, bill payments, billing schedule, as well as a number of screens specialized for unique cards and queries.

From the Team
Because APL was brand new, creating cohesive experiences across devices that are voice-driven was a real challenge. We needed to think visually, but apply conversational UX best practices. Matt Taylor, UX Designer
Low-Fidelity Design

It Started With a Wire

Based on Amazon Presentation Language standards and input from Capital One’s team, we got to work prototyping elements, movement, and more. We underwent several rounds of wire-framing and review before putting paint to (digital) canvas.

High-Fidelity Echo Show Designs

It Ended With an Echo

High-Fidelity Echo Spot Designs

And a Splash of Spot


Learn and Grow


Financial Editorial Content, Modernized

For many Capital One customers, financial educational resources are a must. From credit tips and savings accounts to buying homes and starting businesses, understanding pitfalls and opportunities is critical. Capital One came to ISL to redesign how user’s interact with their editorial content, specifically on the “Learn and Grow” section of their website.

The page was years out of date, and need much more than an aesthetic upgrade. We got our hands dirty, executing user research and interviews to develop an insight-driven taxonomy and information architecture. Through a number of design sprints, executed collaboratively with Capital One’s design team and continually user tested, ultimately launching the final product on time (and to general client fanfare).


See the Site

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From the Team
The financial journey is different for everyone. We reinvented Learn & Grow's taxonomy to better reflect where users might be in their lives, creating categories, search results, and content that feels personalized. Kim Stockley, Sr. UX Strategist
Research & Insights

Where We Started

We started by taking a look at the existing ‘Learn and Grow’ ecosystem, performing a heuristic evaluation along stakeholder interviews to get a view of the current landscape.

Research & Insights

Testing, Testing, and More Testing

We got our hands dirty with research and user interviews, testing our assumptions and turning them in to actionable insights we could take in to the design phase.


Design, Test, Repeat

We entered in to a cycle of design sprints, creating hi-fidelity wireframes, testing them, and making adjustments based on user feedback.


Working Within the System

Using the power of Capital One’s design system, we aligned with their web standards to insure a smooth delivery and integration into their existing web interface while pushing and extending when we felt it vital to the project.


Extending Global Patterns

While working closely with the team responsible for the website in San Fransisco, we worked to add components to their global style guide including a card system and sub navigation pattern. We worked systematically and not only delivered for development but as highly editable Sketch symbols that can be used by the Capitol on design teams nation wide.


Signed Sealed Delivered.

Once we had a well vetted, sustainable design solution, we produced all necessary design specifications to execute the development of the project. Using specification tools like the one seen here, we are able to give high detail and asset delivery all in one package. We also packaged our sketch files as well as UX documentation setting up our client for success after our time together.

The Results

32% Traffic Increase
64% Engagement Rate Increase
104 Comps Created