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Doritos Blaze

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For 10 years, Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch dominated Doritos as their only “core” permanent flavors – until now. Doritos Blaze was unveiled at Super Bowl 52 with a national TV spot and on-the-ground activation. The only thing left to do was create a 360-degree consumer program that excited customers, got Blaze in front of shoppers, and drove conversion by leveraging POS, packaging, and digital media. Easy, right?

ISL teamed up with The Marketing Arm to create a one-of-a-kind digital sweepstakes. allows customers to scan specially marked bags to unlock Blaze Vision, an in-browser AR experience that snaps photos, “burns” them with a touch gesture, and reveals prizes all without requiring users to download an app.

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Unlocking Blaze Vision

The Blaze experience is a one-of-a-kind native web application. It starts by opening a camera viewport in your mobile browser. From there, you are prompted to “scan” specially marked bags of Doritos. The “Blaze Vision” experience becomes accessible if the camera – trained using the Google Vision API – recognizes a Doritos logo mark.

Once unlocked, Blaze Vision turns your world thermal using WebGL, which captures colors from the phone’s camera and translates them to shades of red, yellow, and purple in real time. Snap a photo and “burn” it with a simple interactive touch to see if you’ve won!


Built for the modern web

Google Vision
On Vision
We used a machine learning library to execute image recognition. First, we trained a model to recognize the Doritos logo. Once confirmed, we used Optical Character Recognition to find the stylized "Blaze" text. Cornelius Hairston, Senior Web Developer
How We Built It

Behind the Scenes

On Development
Working with WebRTC (real-time communication) and WebGL — technologies that have only recently gained support on mobile web browsers — we were able to create a compelling visual experience that's more inclusive and accessible. Scott Donaldson, Senior Web Developer
What's Next

Blazing the Trail

New product. New mobile experience. New technology.

Blaze is the latest addition to the Doritos arsenal, which meant we needed to bring something spicy (in every sense of the word) to the table. The site will be live until April, 2018; we can’t wait to see the results (and hopefully win a pair of beats!)