Cycle Technologies

Dot App

The Challenge

Modern Fertility Awareness

The team at Cycle Technologies has spent years advancing the science of fertility awareness. Most recently they worked with a team of data scientists and global health experts to create an algorithm that predicts a person’s chance of pregnancy. The algorithm empowers the user to know their exact fertility status on any given day, so that whether they are trying to get pregnant, or want to prevent pregnancy, they’ll always know their fertility status. Cycle Technologies was ready to take their patent-pending birth control method to the next level.

The team at Cycle Technologies came to ISL with an exciting request: to bring their new algorithm to life in either a physical form, or a digital experience. After extensive research and concepting, our team recommended an iOS app as the first product to house their smart fertility tracking algorithm.

Project Type
iOS App

An iOS App That Does it All (Almost).

An iOS App That Does it All (Almost).

Dot is a simple but robust app; it allows a user to see what their chance of pregnancy is each day of the month, and all they have to do is input a period start date. Our team created the app from scratch, with a couple throwbacks to our client's previous application, and brand new code, predictions, UX, and interface design.

Creating Dot


What sets Dot apart from other cycle-tracking apps is its scientific basis and rigorous research, as well as its simplicity and approachable nature. With this in mind, we wanted to develop a name and identity that encapsulated these core principles with effortless and subtle elegance.

We tried a wide range of diverse explorations before reaching a mark that met our goals. Clean, sans-serif type was ultimately chosen, the small dot in the “O”, a subtle reference to the cycle-tracking feature of the app, as well as an allusion to the app’s namesake. We felt this minimal approach was a strong way to represent the app’s purpose and functions.


Wireframes, Testing, and Iteration

The app requires just one piece of information from the user to create fertility predictions: the user’s period start date. As additional period dates are entered, the app tailors it’s predictions about pregnancy risks and future period dates. It shows the following month’s predictions, as well as the user’s next six predicted period start dates.

We wanted the app to be easy to use — almost foolproof — because of the steep consequences of interpreting predictions wrongly. As a result, all of the core features of the app can be accessed via the Today view, which is the main view. From that screen, the user can see their fertility status for the day as well as add a new period start date.

The Launch

People Love It!

After a successful launch along with a few key press features across the digital space, Dot shot up the iTunes chart, practically overnight. A month after launching, Dot hit number 12 on the top charts in the Health & Fitness category with over 11,000 downloads. Furthermore, Dot ranked at the top of the trending searches during that time period, which made for a very happy client.

That's All, Folks!

Grab Dot in the App Store

Building Dot wasn’t easy, but it was a challenge to be savored. Our design team did a lot of research and exploration, which resulted in a myriad of custom user interface elements throughout the app. Throughout the entirety of the build, development and design worked closely to make Dot as perfect as possible, and it shows!

From our initial product research to naming, wireframes, testing, and dozens of iterations, building Dot was a fantastic experience. Having the opportunity to build a product that empowers our users with more knowledge about their bodies, and then seeing it launched into the real world, was immensely rewarding.

Our client isn’t the only happy user — nearly 200,000 people have downloaded the app so far, and Dot has over 100 reviews with a 4.5 star rating in the App Store. Grab the app for free now and give it a spin!