Trends & The Mentions Box


Physical Devices, Live Data

Our various project work for Facebook as one of their exclusive Media Solutions Partners showcase our broad range capabilities across software and hardware. To build custom technology for one of the biggest tech companies of the modern era has been incredibly fulfilling work.

We were initially tasked to create a physical device that bridges fans with celebrities at red carpet events — The Facebook Mentions Box; next, we created touchscreen installation for the F8 Conference as well as Menlo Park, NYC, and DC offices — The Facebook Trends API Visualization. Check out both projects in detail below!

By the Numbers

3 Installations
15 Deployments
3 API Integrations


The Mentions Box


The Biggest Brand In Social

Facebook was looking for a better way to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans, specifically at live events. Behold: The Facebook “Mentions Box” which will make its debut at the 2014 Emmy Awards — allowing celebrities to “shake” the device to surface a fan question (pulling directly from an event’s Facebook Page) and immediately record a response back.

After many discussions, brainstorms, and rapid prototyping efforts focused on how to best represent the Facebook platform in physical space, we landed on a simple concept drawing inspiration from mediums people already know and enjoy (landing on something between a Magic 8-Ball in function and an Etch-A-Sketch in form). Ultimately, we settled on a tablet encased in a polycarbonate form factor, with a luxury car finish.

Units Deployed
Major Events Covered
12 (and counting)
Watch It In Action
Watch It In Action

The Facebook Mentions Box


Concept Iterations

"We employed rapid prototyping techniques that allowed us to very quickly, for a low cost, produce physical things that could be tested and then iterated upon." Mike O'Brien, Associate Creative Director
To The Red Carpet

The Coolest Part?

Leading up to the Emmy’s, The Mentions Box was featured on Access Hollywood by hosts Billy Bush and Shaun Robinson, used live at Stand Up To Cancer, and has been written about by Mashable, Fast Company, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Verge, and more. It was used by everyone from Jimmy Fallon, to Matthew McConaughey, to Ty Burrell and Jason Biggs.

Where is it now?
The Facebook Mentions Box has now been deployed at dozens premier events around the world, with 8 devices deployed across multiple time-zones. Originally the feature of a Fast Company article on the brewing battle between Facebook and Twitter to win over celebrity engagement, it has seen increasing demand from brands.

By the Numbers

5 Concept Iterations
12 Team Members
100+ Celebrity Videos Captured

Data Visualization

Trends API Visualization


Bringing Data to Life

As a Facebook Media Solutions Partner we were given unique access to the new Facebook Trends API, which we used to create our latest work for the ubiquitous social network: a real-time touchscreen data visualization of the Facebook Trends API.

Initially deployed at Facebook’s F8 Developers conference, it now at Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ, as well as the New York and Washington DC offices, where visitors can navigate through real-time trends, and interact with the most popular content.

Project Type
Data Visualization
Initial Deployment
Facebook F8
Enter The Experience
Enter The Experience

Facebook Trends API Visualization

How It Works

Creating A Data Experience

Our visualization is a depersonalized view of the most popular conversations happening around the world on Facebook, using the Trends API to show the top conversations across nine different categories: Sports, Entertainment, Business, Politics, Science, Technology, Health, Disaster, Strange, Celebrity, Crime, and Lifestyle.

It’s a JavaScript based web app that pulls data from three Facebook API’s (Trends, Topic Insights, Graph) and displays them in a beautiful WebGL environment with touchscreen interface. Check it out.

What It Looks Like

Facebook Trends at F8

What now?
The Facebook Trends visualization is now featured at Facebook's NY and DC offices, as well as their Menlo Park headquarters, where guests, brands, and influencers interact with it daily. What's next? A mixed/virtual reality version, of course.

By the Numbers

3 Permanent Installations
9 Featured Topics
23 Simultaneous Deployments