Social Agency of Record


We love food. We love social.

When America‘s largest grocer needed a new social agency of record, we answered — enthusiastically. ISL was picked for our unique combination of raw creativity, passion, and social media savvy. And, of course, our love of food.

As Kroger‘s Social Agency of Record, ISL is tasked with managing 12 of The Kroger Co.‘s grocery store brands and two of their corporate brands‘ social media presence on a daily basis — across content production and management, community management and engagement, and reporting and analysis. And the numbers? They‘re pretty big: total post impressions past 485 million in 2015 alone.

Kroger by the numbers

How big is America’s largest grocery chain? Big. Like...really big. If every iStrategyLabs CoreTeam member worked for Kroger, we would represent .02% of their team. Yeah, that big.

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    Billion Dollars
    In sales in 2013

Team Insight

Eric Shutt

Senior Creative Strategist

The Work

We take a bunch of awesome, vibrant photos and videos, combine them with killer copy and post them on the Internet for the entire world to see. Once posted and consumed by our audience, we study them. We use analytics to understand what is working, what’s not working, and what to optimize for our future content. Then we start the process all over again. Each time getting bigger, better, and more effective than the time before.

Social media is constantly changing and growing. Trends go viral and drop off in a matter of minutes. New capabilities on social are added every day. To stay at the forefront of social, you need to be at the forefront, and we’ve gotten pretty comfortable chilling there.

bringing the kitchen to life

Carefully constructed, bite-sized video content is among the most engaging, best performing of any content we make for social. As a result, video — especially video of the stop motion variety — is a crucial part of our work for Kroger. At the end of the day, it isn’t easy getting your lunch to pack itself, but someone has to do it.

Behind The Scenes

Do you know how to make Crisco look like ice cream? Do you know how to make a squash rake a yard of Fruity Pebbles? Do you know how to build a piñata out of guacamole ingredients? We do.

Our team of designers and content strategists are experts at making groceries jump off the (Facebook) page. We know how to make you giggle, say “awww”, and become hungry all in one 15 second video.

The End Result

Over the last two years, we‘ve created thousands of images, conducted hundreds of photoshoots, and filmed more than 2 dozen short-form videos for social. We've written enough copy to fill a phone book — if we could still find one of those.

Over that period our content has consistently outperformed expectations — with over 10 million social engagements, and total post impressions reaching an impressive 485,500,000. If we‘ve learned one thing over our two years together, it‘s that carefully crafted content stands out in the noisy world of social. And that’s a key learning that makes for a happy team and a happy client.