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The Innovation Box

It started with a question

Projection Mapping Positive Impacts.

P&G came to ISL with a challenge: create an unparalleled, irresistible interactive experience that stands out from the pack while showcasing how P&G’s brands are changing the way we live, consume, and adapt.

Working closely with Hill & Knowlton, we developed the “The Innovation Box.” Our activation transformed our conference footprint into one living, breathing, immersive data visualization. Using cutting edge projection mapping technology, we enabled attendees to explore the sustainability stories for six P&G brands – Charmin, Tide, Gillette, Dawn, Pampers and Head & Shoulders.

The Innovation Box
The Innovation Box

Immerse Yourself In The Experience

Client Quote
Thank you so much for bringing the box to life. It was a hit – we need more of them! Julie deSylva, Community Impact and Environmental Sustainability, Senior Communications Manager
Prototyping as Process

Measure Twice, Cut Once

ISL was responsible for the low-fidelity prototyping, user testing, physical design, user experience, video content production, and building the technology that brought it all to life. Below are original treatments, transformations, skeletons, and flows.


Testing. Rendering. Perfecting.

Experience Design

Projection Mapped Magic

Upon walking into the Innovation Box, attendees saw an generic home; an idle state with prompts to interact with the products (left). Each brand story was triggered by placing a 3D printed model of the product on a small RFID-enabled podium.

The Head & Shoulders bottle transported attendees to the beach, where they learned that the bottles are made from reused beach plastic. The Tide Pod bucket takes you to a residential neighborhood, where it is revealed how much energy is saved due to Tide’s cold-water cleaning powers. The Charmin 2-pack transports you to the forest, where we learn about P&G’s responsible tree farming practices.

Experience Design

Brand Story Previews

On Experience Design
Projection mapping technology can be an amazing vehicle to tell a story. You can immerse individuals without a clunky VR headset and integrate tactile, interactive elements too. Mike O'Brien, Creative Director
Video Production

Produced for Peripheries

The moment an attendee triggered a story, their environment melted away, transporting them to an illustrated landscape. Each animation was storyboarded to guide the user’s attention across the three walls. Once produced at full width, videos were edited, formatted, and packaged for three ceiling-rigged projectors, which connected to the RFID readers to queue up the videos.

360º Video
360º Video

Immerse Yourself