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Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

Meet SELFIE, the magical mirror that automatically takes your picture, e-mails you the branded photo, and prompts you to share it on social media. Oh, and it’s about 7 feet tall, and features a professional-grade dSLR.

The entire world knows about the term #selfie. It's a word that has skyrocketed to fame since early 2013, and has since been added into the Oxford dictionary. We took it upon ourselves to create a unique machine that facilitates your selfie-taking needs in an easy, fun, user friendly way. Keeping brands, venues, and events in mind, SELFIE serves as a mechanism for enhancing engagement and brand interaction in an extremely visible, shareable, unique way.

Get Ready To

Say Cheese

Welcome to the Family

Selfie The Original

The Original The small form factor of the mirror allows it to be deployed in smaller rooms or event spaces. This mirror can either be placed on a stand or wall-mounted, when floor space is at a premium.

Selfie The Bigger Brother

The Bigger Brother The full length mirror features a six foot pane of glass that’s sure to stop visitors in their tracks and become the striking centerpiece of your next event.

Selfie Diagram

System Monitor
DSLR Camera
Arduino Micro Controller
LED Light Ring
Mac Mini
Proximity Sensor


Visitors approach a branded SELFIE Mirror and are instructed to strike a pose to trigger the experience. Once the SELFIE detects a visitor (via proximity sensor), hidden LEDs and a numeric countdown appear, culminating in a flash, which indicates the photo has been taken. Users can either accept or re-take their photo, then send a custom branded e-mail to their inbox with a prompt to share directly to Facebook and/or Twitter.

Customizing Success

Every mirror deployed to-date has been a bespoke, hand-crafted creation, built and branded for a particular experience. We are constantly looking to improve on the overall user experience (both customer-facing and administration). We’re currently discussing several new features for our next iteration, and are still seeing demand from all over the world on a daily basis.

Original Selfie on the wall

1 mirror.

1 Mac Mini

1,320 photos taken.

5,653 miles traveled.

7 concepts.

See the iterations
Selfie mirror internals
The big selfie's secret hatch
ISL employees admire the selfie
Putting together the big selfie
The big selfie out at an event
Couple taking a selfie on the big mirror
Closeup of the Bud Light selfie mirror
Profile of the Bud Light selfie mirror

Selfie Clients

The End Result

The SELFIE is currently being showcased at Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ, as well as Media Center in NYC, and has been deployed at dozens of events all over the US — most recently backstage at the Tony Awards and The Today Show.

With thousands of photos taken and millions of impressions, SELFIE has become a go-to product for the biggest brands in the world to generate magical moments for their audiences. While we are constantly striving to make the product and experience better, each of our deployments has been a custom creation, tailored to each brand, venue, and experience — Contact Us now with any ideas or opportunities you have in mind!