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In many ways Thomson Reuters operates like a traditional media outlet, aggregating headlines from around the world to derive and distribute intelligence across a diverse array of subjects – from science, to finance, to tax and risk assessment. And yet, Thomson Reuters is also highly regarded as an information services firm. Over the years, they’ve furnished a robust suite of tools to mine vast amounts of analytics and data, helping industry stakeholders unearth key insights and make informed decisions.

With these two spheres of their business in mind, Thomson Reuters came to us with a singular mission – to cement their presence as a company that is at the forefront of innovation. To answer that call, ISL teamed up with a small cadre from the Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science division to conceive of, design and ultimately build a website that would engage researchers, technologists and influencers from the scientific community.

Visual Design

A Digital Experience

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"From a branding and communication perspective, designing this site was an exciting challenge. We had to push brand recognition in a way that was not only invigorating in content, but also engaged new users." Victor Aguilar, Associate Creative Director
Brand Recognition

An Institutional Reputation

We quickly determined that making ample use of the established brand typeface, “Knowledge,” was an easy win in reinforcing the brand.

The distinct use of Thomson Reuters’ orange, a familiar palette of grays and subtle textures, we struck an inventive articulation of the brand. We combined these treatments with clear, expressive iconography that further reinforced our minimalist aesthetic.

Creative Thinking

Breaking Content Boundaries

We focused on the interplay of science, technology, data visualization and editorial-style graphics. These would help articulate the look, feel and tone of the website as it would ultimately appear in its finished form.

Bright bursts of color, bold typography, and imagery recalling analog print methods reinforced the element of human invention and practical ingenuity as essential components of innovation.

Brand Blueprint

Articulating the Aesthetic Parameters

Data Visualization

Providing simple, interactive visualizations of otherwise esoteric data ensured that the immense amount of information culled by the IP & Science division was easy to understand for industry experts and outsiders alike.