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Grandstand is a customizable platform that helps brands and marketers curate, moderate, and manage their social campaigns in real time. With robust sourcing and data filtering across major social channels, Grandstand allows you to expertly analyze your campaign, unlock valuable insights, and even create real-time data visualizations.

With Grandstand you can easily engage with your audience across social platforms by curating and moderating all the content you care about, and none of the stuff you don’t.

A Data Platform Just For You
A Data Platform Just For You

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Interact, Measure, & Manage In Real-Time


  • Create custom campaigns & analyze social media data in real time
  • Filter content to see what's most relevant to your campaign
  • Locate & understand top authors in your industry
  • See best trending platforms and content for your audience
  • Export data & insights to share with your team

Technical Specs

  • Django web application
  • Redis data caching to maximize performance
  • Django RQ for job queue management
  • PostgreSQL database for data storage
  • Vue.js for rendering the user interface
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