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Social Cooler


Social Cooler

A custom branded cooler that magically opens when a user engages with you on social media. Your brand's @handle and predetermined #hashtag are used to trigger the experience, moving an actuator inside the cooler when the message you are tracking is received.

As the admin, you can set the cooler to open with a single Tweet, or after a specific threshold of Tweets is reached. Perfect for brands, marketers, and venues alike — the Social Cooler is a great way to engage with your audiences online and off!

See It In Action
See It In Action

The Social Cooler

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  • Set it up in your store, retail location, office, and more
  • Opens with every mention or after a certain threshold is reached
  • Customize the physical branding
  • Manage the cooler from a simple admin interface
  • Explore other opening mechanisms (physical proximity, voice commands, and more)

Technical Specs

  • Tweets pulled directly from the Twitter Streaming API
  • Electric Imp processes data from Twitter and moves the actuator and solenoid.
  • Refrigerator with a solenoid lock to prevent it from being forced open
  • Welded steel, CNC'd plywood, laser cut acrylic, and 3D printed parts
  • Automated lid via linear actuator (capable of lifting 25 lbs)
See It In Action

The Social Cooler

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