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Introducing Viable

Your Idea Already Exists. Here's Proof.

Viable was built by ISL to help save you time and get you on track to creating something truly unique. Viable provides an initial scan of if (and how) your new startup/company/product name already exists in the universe.

Currently, Viable is pulling from the following platforms, services, and API's: Domain Availability, Twitter & Facebook handles, App Store, TradeMarks, and Definitions. With this data, we use a custom algorithm to determine the unique viability of your query and return a high-level viability categorization. And now Viable is available as an Alexa Skill! Try it out by downloading it from the Skill Store.


All Your Results In One Place


  • Unique Viability Score
  • Robust Search Functionality
  • High-level Viability Categorization
  • Favorited and Recent Queries
  • Featured Searchs

Technical Specs

  • Native iOS app in Swift 3
  • Custom Django REST API
  • Redis Caching
  • Postgres Database
  • Alexa Integration
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